The Home of Foam has moved…. to their brand new,  seven thousand square foot  showroom in Mariner Crossing Plaza at the corner of Mariner and Northcliffe in Springhill.  The Home of Foam has been serving the Naturecoast for over 16 years, selling the finest pressure relief mattresses available, manufactured with the highest quality materials available…Plant based Visco memory foam, crystallized gel memory foam, organic latex rubber, gel, and… air!

Their brands include Serta, M-Lily, King Coil, Easy-Rest, Symbol, Classic Brands, Englander, and Natures Sleep, plus amazing, quality adjustable beds from Malouf, foam Mattress toppers, pillows, mattress protectors, microfiber sheets and more… all sold to the public at wholesale prices!

Come try out their huge selection of beds and put your mattress worries to bed!!

Stop counting sheep and start sleeping right.  Online at