Marvelous Marvin


Morning Show Host / Music Director

Marvelous Marvin was raised by a pack of wild records in New Port Richey. His dad, “Marv Boone,” was a DJ until Rock and Roll came out and his dad said, “I can’t play that noise,” and became a newsman. Marvin was infected with the radio bug early – but he actually worked for a living and played drums in various bands in Cleveland, OH. That’s until he realized he could just show up in clubs, and DJ’s get free drinks without having to haul around drums. He went to a broadcasting school and started in radio in 1977 at WGUL AM & FM. He started a popular saturday night oldies show called “Old Gold Retold,” which he took to Tampa, where it ran for over ten years. Marvin has worked at Mix 96, 1040 WHBO-AM, WFLA and Q-105, where he hosted the top-rated lunchtime request show, “The Bouffant Buffet” for almost 20 years. Marvin has been the morning show host at WGHR Hits 106 since June 2009, where he is also the music director, playing his favorite music – the greatest hits of the Rock and Roll era. Marvin has a beautiful bride, Pamela, and around two cats.


  1. Mason Swearingen

    Hi Chelle,
    This is Mason from the Chicago tribute band Beginnings. I’m looking forward to speaking with you tomorrow.

    Jessica from PHSC told me I should call in about 11:00AM Tuesday morning.

    Thank you for having me.


  2. Dan Anderson

    Chelle, we listen to you every day and are just in love with you and your great talent. Your past experience and interests prove how GREAT & Dynamic you are. You have an incredible voice and it don’t hurt being a Total Doll as well 🙂 Thank you so much for your contribution to our lives.
    Love, Success, and Happiness to you.

    Spring Hill Fan

  3. Jaxon Riley

    John Kelly: tremendous, major league, incomparable, first-class, masterly, and mad as a hatter.

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