John Kelly



Afternoon Drive Host

John’s nearly 40 year career in broadcasting began in his early teens on a small town station that boasted a daytime wattage of less than your everyday household hair-dryer!  His first afternoon drive-time position was in 1989 at WKXX in Birmingham, Alabama which would eventually come to include production/imaging director roll as well. Success in afternoons helped propel the locally produced “Kicks 106 Hometown Countdown” to be among the market leaders for highest rated hours on weekends. From Birmingham to Tampa to work at WMTX as production director for Billboard and Bobby Poe Award winning Mix 96… over the next dozen years in Tampa, John would serve in production & on air rolls for, Metroplex, Paxon, Jacor/Clear Channel, and Infinity/CBS Radio. He was afternoon personality for CBS’s WRBQ from 2001-2006. During that time, he received a Crystal Communicator Award for commercial production. The past 5 years for John have been spent as a program director for Cumulus Media with assignments in Albany, Georgia, Des Moines, Iowa, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. John and his wife, Lisa, have recently returned home to the Sunshine State with designs on starting a family and are now proud new parents of a healthy, happy, baby girl named Jane Audrey!


  1. Mason Swearingen

    Hi Chelle,
    This is Mason from the Chicago tribute band Beginnings. I’m looking forward to speaking with you tomorrow.

    Jessica from PHSC told me I should call in about 11:00AM Tuesday morning.

    Thank you for having me.


  2. Dan Anderson

    Chelle, we listen to you every day and are just in love with you and your great talent. Your past experience and interests prove how GREAT & Dynamic you are. You have an incredible voice and it don’t hurt being a Total Doll as well 🙂 Thank you so much for your contribution to our lives.
    Love, Success, and Happiness to you.

    Spring Hill Fan

  3. Jaxon Riley

    John Kelly: tremendous, major league, incomparable, first-class, masterly, and mad as a hatter.

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